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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fat Raccoon

I've been plagued by a couple of feral cats for a while now, tearing up insulation under the house, driving my house cat crazy, and spreading fleas. Cold water showers and a lot of yelling hasn't discouraged them a bit! Last night I set the Havahart trap. I could tell I hadn't caught a cat from way across the yard this morning, the trap was full of fur, LOL. I hunkered down beside the trap, big momma coon just gave me a look that said, "what do I do now"? My grandson came over, we strapped the trap door open with a bungee cord, coon just stayed put, not enough room to turn around. My grandson finally attracted her attention, she got a look over her shoulder, saw the open door, and squeezed and shimmied her way out.
I hope she learned a lesson about traps, I still have two feral cats to catch, and I need the trap unoccupied to do it!


Scooterlizard said...

The hummingbirds are so beautiful. Nice feeder shots, that camera has been a jewel for you. The weather will get better in a week or two for you venture out.


tsiya said...

Hey, Lady, I miss talking to you. Just not enough energy here to cover all bases.
Thanks for stopping by!

Scooterlizard said...

My favorite reptile. Green Anoles are so neet to watch. It has finally warmed up enough that the ones here at the house have come out. The detail in this photo is fantastic. Keep up the good work,Tsiya

Anonymous said...

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Phred said...

Raccoon in a cage, know the problem well. My wife traps feral cats and we have a colony here on the property, with a feeder.

Raccoons became a problem so she wanted to trap and transplant them. As much as I tried to convince her how futile that effort might be, she was unswayed until we had transplanted 20+ raccoons but more kept coming in.

We tried to "raccoon proof" the feeder ... what a joke. Those rascals are very inventive when it comes to finding food.

We finally revised the feeding schedule for the feral cats and that helped a little.

tsiya said...

I can feed myself, my little housecat, and the yard birds, that's it!. The feral cats have no place in the system. The Raccoons just pass through, and belong here in the first place.
We have 6 indoor cats, in 2 homes here, all loved and pampered. There just aren't going to be any yard cats here.

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