Cattle Egret, Bulbucus ibis

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fat Raccoon

I've been plagued by a couple of feral cats for a while now, tearing up insulation under the house, driving my house cat crazy, and spreading fleas. Cold water showers and a lot of yelling hasn't discouraged them a bit! Last night I set the Havahart trap. I could tell I hadn't caught a cat from way across the yard this morning, the trap was full of fur, LOL. I hunkered down beside the trap, big momma coon just gave me a look that said, "what do I do now"? My grandson came over, we strapped the trap door open with a bungee cord, coon just stayed put, not enough room to turn around. My grandson finally attracted her attention, she got a look over her shoulder, saw the open door, and squeezed and shimmied her way out.
I hope she learned a lesson about traps, I still have two feral cats to catch, and I need the trap unoccupied to do it!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

This and That

I haven't made any serious photo forays lately, the weather hasn't been the best, and my age is showing up to bite me. The recent rains sprouted the seed that the squirrels dumped under the big feeder, I have a big bright green spot under the Oak tree. It is a shade of green that drives my camera crazy, just too green to look natural. The Cardinals like it, anyway. The Hummingbirds are flying right up within arms length already, not afraid at all. I like that! The butterflies are showing up at the Lanatana, I need calm days to photograph them, they will come.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Tin roof! It makes me sleepy. Tuesday seems to be the next day to go hunt some pictures, and some sunshine!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Always Something

Tuesday evening I started smelling hot electrical insulation. I couldn't locate a source, figured it was coming from somewhere else. Later that night the AC unit died. I installed a new AC, soon as I turned it on, I turned it off, it wasn't sounding right. FPL checked out their end, all OK there. This place is old, time to rewire the AC circuit. I dug a new breaker out of the junk pile I cherish so much, pulled a length of new 12/2, put in a new receptacle, I'm good to go! The fumes from the well water are rough on copper and brass wires and contacts.
I spent most of my life with no AC, got to have it now, with my bad lungs.
I did manage some pics on Wednesday, on the way to SAHS.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Looks Like They're Moving In

The Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are regular as clockwork at the feeder now, just one pair, so far, more may come. They aren't really hard to photograph, it just takes a little more effort. They move almost constantly, they are small, and fast. They do get used to humans, and that makes photos easier to come by.

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Boat-tailed Grackle Quiscalus major fem

Wood Stork Mycteria americana

Wood Stork Mycteria americana


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Tricolored heron Egretta tricolor

Tricolored heron Egretta tricolor


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What Do You Get?

What Do You Get?

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Mourning Dove Zenaida macroura