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Friday, February 1, 2008


Some folks may get a picture of a head of cabbage in a string net hammock, but, what it really means is, a high spot in the swamp, a hamaca, or hammock, with some palm trees, cabbage palms, growing on it.
The local language in this part of Florida still shows Menorcan and Spanish influence, as well as the imprint left by Native Americans, and other early settlers. We like it like that, I do, anyway!
Problem is, some newcomers don't! Everything is getting renamed, Napier Road is now Wildwood Drive, Nine Mile Road is World Golf Village Parkway, good grief! Who do these folks think they are, just dumping 400 years of history, just like that? Cabbage Hammock? Ohmigoodness, if I tell all my friends in Boston that I've moved to Cabbage Hammock, whatever will they think? Got to change that name, folks, call it something civilized, like Kennedy Blvd!
I'm retired now, about all I can do these days is limp around, with a sack full of Ebay cameras, and try to save the memories. I'm not a diplomat, much more of a curmudgeon and hermit, and I may offend you, but, I love this place, this little chunk of old Florida, and won't ever say I'm sorry!
I'm new to this blog thing, got to mess with it a while, but I have memories, and pictures.
Don't have any friends in Boston, that I know of, anyway!


Floridacracker said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!
Those name changes irritate me too. I don't even recognize 9 mile road anymore.

Skookum Longwalker said...

Stand Proud
Say it Loud
And Draw a Crowd
Fuck em if they can not take a joke.

paradise said...

WoW, Everyone's gettin in on the act, LOL!!

Can't wait to see the future posts!

(You and Skookum Longwalker will turn some heads I tell ya)

BTW, Your bio, Tsiya, is pretty succinct!

Great Success with this blog.. Or whatever it is you want out of it?!

tsiya said...

This blog thing is strange, could be I'm not smart enough to handle it. Soon as I figure out how to start another thread, I'll do it!
Anyway, the Sun is supposed to shine today, we'd best go take some pictures! No one is gonna believe you without pictures!

Hurricane Teen said...

Stand up to those newcomers. We can't back down or they will take over and change every last piece of old Florida we have here. I look forward to seeing more of you in the blogosphere!

MojoMan said...

Boston now, grew up in New York, but spent five years in Gainesville, FL in the early 80's. It never felt like home, but I appreciated the history of your area and certainly wouldn't want to start changing things. We're all suffering with our own changes. Greed knows no boundaries.

paradise said...

Paradise is wherever you make it!

Lived lots of places and always made sure we leave it as great or better, than we found it!

Now we're home, but who knows what the future brings?

There's nothing better than appreciating your Blessings while you have them..

Thanks again Tsiya, for this site and your beautiful photographs.. They surely make you sit, watch, and listen!

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